Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Home School

We have been very busy ever since we found out our beloved school SACA had to close. (sorry for the lack of has been a little crazy around here.) Hubby and I tossed around the idea of putting our children into another private school, but none in the area can compare to the education our children received at SACA! (Not to mention how much I loved teaching at the school my children were attending!) We also wanted our children to continue being classically trained. So, we decided the best thing to do was home school our children.
Thankfully, we have some friends who also wanted to have their children home schooled...and asked if I would teach their children right along with my own. My kids are thrilled to have one student each in their "class." (except Little Guy...he is our only Kindergartner!)

After, we made our decision, we needed to figure out where we would teach the children. Tiger and Little Guy have missed being roommates. So, Hubby asked them if they would want to share a room again. Thankfully, they were thrilled to bunk back up together and I was thrilled to have a room dedicated for school!We start next week! I will be sure and keep you all posted on how we are doing!