Friday, May 30, 2008

Lakers Playoff Game

Tom went to the Lakers Playoff Game last night! I was sooooo jealous! He had box tickets too! Here are some of the pictures he took!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today Was A Good Day...

Tom is at the Laker's game tonight. (I am so jealous) I have such a loving hubby and father. He took us out to breakfast this a.m. because he knew that he wouldn't be home before the kids went to bed. It is so important to us to have one meal together a day as a family. (I won't mention here how the kids decided to sit at their own we weren't really "together") After breakfast, the kids and I went to the pet store and had the dogs bathed, took in our recycles, played school, rode bikes outside, walked the dogs...and then around three I started to wondered what we could do tonight without daddy. So I took the kids to see a Nim's Island. Way cute. They all enjoyed it. We piled back into the van and started to discuss dinner options. I thought about just going somewhere...but decided to just come home and cook. During dinner Bryce says to me:
Bryce: Mom do you know how you can draw really good stick people?
Me: Yes!
Bryce: Guess what!? Levi can draw them just a nice as you!
I tried so hard to not chuckle. I am the worst at drawing...but somehow I have convinced Bryce that my ability is awesome! So great that he is actually proud of Levi for having the same ability. It was so sweet to see Levi smile proudly while Bryce bragged on and on about him! At least now I know that my art work is comparable to a 4 year old! :)
Bryce fell asleep quickly Levi went into to Chloe's room for some reading time. We really have precious little gems! I went in to check on Chloe and Levi only to find them snuggled up in her bed...her arm was around him and she was rubbing his head while she read Farmer Boy. I so wish I hadn't given Tom the camera for the Laker's game! It was indeed a picture worthy moment.
Today was a good day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I went looking for Levi...

and found him asleep.

Learning to use Chopsticks!

Tom and I took the kids out for Chinese last night. I think we should buy some chopsticks to teach the kids. Tom uses them with as much ease as he does silverware...the kids and I though are still learning. I love these shots of the kids. Levi got fed up of trying and started stabbing the food...and smiling "see, I can do it!" Bryce was a pro from the very beginning! We had a great time! My Aunt Penny and Uncle Mike would be so proud!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chloe's Birthday!

Chloe had her 8th birthday on Monday. She had a party with a friend at American Girl Place back in April...but somehow I feel like she ended up with two parties! :) We told her she could have a friend spend the night and we would take them to dinner and Golden Spoon. Then another friend stopped over with a gift, and I found myself inviting that friend too! They had a wonderful time. We went bowling, out to dinner, ate ice cream and then rented a movie. They were up until 1a.m. Tom had to go in and get them quiet! I am just a big softy!
Happy Birthday Chloe! We love you!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bryce Graduates from Kindergarten!!!

We are so proud of Bryce! He is now a first grader! Go Bryce! :)

More pictures from Graduation Night

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today the kids were able to celebrate their "unbirthday" at school! An unbirthday celebration is for kids who have a birthday in the summer...this way they have a day to celebrate at school too! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of school.
They had a great time being silly with their friends! Jill Nelson noticed how the their treats match their school uniform! Thanks Jill for bringing in the treats!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My sweet Chloe...

turns 8 this coming Monday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

San Diego

We went to Calvary Ranch again this Sunday to visit our dear friend, Scott. We are so blessed each time we visit Scott. This week he was able to convince Terry to let us pet a horse! The kids were thrilled.
It takes us a hour and half to get the last picture is of Levi asleep in the car. I couldn't resist posting it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I LOVE Date Nights!!!!

We had a wonderful night tonight with some great friends (Dave and Julie). We went to dinner at Javiers in Newport Beach. The atmosphere is as good as the food! Afterwards we went to the beach and took some fun shots! I love my hubby so much! I am so glad we had our cameras with us. I find that I am always taking pictures of my kids...and don't have many of Tom and I! I am so glad that Tom and I both agree how important it is for us to have time with one another...without the kids. It is so nice to reconnect with him after a long week. It was even more fun to share this evening with our sweet friends. I still can't believe we live gorgeous is CA?!!! Check out the moon in the bottom two pictures! I love you Tom. Thanks for a wonderful night out!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am thankful for...

my savior's grace and love.

my husbands passion for God, me and our family.

wonderful children

good health

bible based church

my husbands job
supportive friends

a minivan that works (knock on wood:))

St. Augustine Classical Accademy

notes from my children telling me "I am the best mom ever made"

running noses, sticky fingers, dirty dishes, dusty furniture, smelly dogs, hot weather, catching up with family members, laughter from my children as daddy tickles them, listening to my children encourage one another, a rewarding job...a job that allows me to be with my kids all day!, my friend Carrie's commitment to meeting me at the gym at 5 am twice a week, swapping children with my friends so I can get things done and returning the favor, my cell phone, camera, sugar free gum, Skinny latte from Starbucks, great neighbors, a pool in the backyard, smelling the flowers in the front yard, warm water in the shower, the smell of fresh sheets and laundry...

I could go on all night. The Lord has blessed Tom and I with so much and I am so thankful and feel so blessed. Monday was a hard day for me. Our home went on the market and I was a little sadden by it...but then as the week went on I began to think of all the things I am thankful for...and selling my house is now one of those things! God has opened my eyes to so much this week. I feel so loved by my have all been so supportive. I am brought to tears when I think of how loved I feel by all of you. Thank you for being so awesome. I love you more than you will ever know!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where does the time go?

I found this picture today when I was looking through pictures of our home when we bought it four years ago...I couldn't believe my eyes...when did my kids get so big? I love looking at pictures from years helps me to remember to treasure every moment I have with my precious sweeties! They will be all grown up all too soon!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleepy Heads

It was hard to wake these sweet little ones today and tell them it was time to get ready for school. They were so peaceful! Bryce had a bad dream last night...and Chloe...well, I am not sure when she decided to climb in! Love these sweeties!

Family Game Night - JENGA

We had a blast last night playing Jenga. It was the first time we have played it as a family! Look at the concentration on their faces! Super cute! I love my family. We had a wonderful time of family devotions afterwards. We talked about how God knows everything. It was a sweet time of prayer too. I love listening to their genuine and touching!

Monday, May 12, 2008



Sunday, May 11, 2008

I know it's Mother's Day...

Okay, so I know it is Mother's day...and I should be all happy and up and positive...blah, blah, blah. I am not! I feel down actually...and nothing has really happen to make me feel that way.

I woke up at 4 am because my middle child wet the bed and needed a warm bed to sleep in. I was awoken again at 5:15 to the youngest crying...he needed someone (mommy) to wipe his nose because it was stuffy. I wiped his nose and crawled into bed with him until 6:30...he finally had fallen back to sleep. I tore off the soiled sheets (I didn't have the enegry to do it at 4am) and put them into the wash. Then I folded the clothes in the dryer from the previous day. Took a shower around ready for church. Poured the little ones cereal...hey it is MD I didn't really want to cook....woke up the hubby...he now has 20 minutes to get ready for church...yes we were late again!

Then the kids didn't want to leave for church without showering me with gifts. Super sweet and cute! I love my letters and new shoe drawers for the kids. I am so thankful for my hubby and kiddos.

Off to church we go. Great service, love our pastor. In the car again...the little one didn't get a dougnut at church so we find ourselves at Krispy Kreme...and now I find myself eating 3! I am starting my diet I guess I thought that made it okay. We get home, have 20 minutes to clean the house up...Tom leaves to take things to the church to donate for the church parking lot sale. He comes home...we load up the kids and drive to San Diego to see Tom's friend Scott. Scott is in a rehab center for additictions. He needs a few things from the Tom goes to the store and the kids and I stay with Scott. He is such an amazing person. We all enjoyed our time with him.

We drive back home and now it is 6...Tom drops me off because he has an errand to run with the kids. They arrive back at 6:45 and have cheesecake in their hands. Oh that is my favorite...another reason to start the diet tomorrow! :)

So you see, nothing really to bring my down...I just feel down. I know it's Mother's Day...

Friday, May 9, 2008

To Be Private OR Not To Be!

So, I was reading a friends blog and got to watch out!: ) Ha!

I am curious why all of my friends (with the exception of one, in Japan) do not have private blogs?! Are you all not concerned that ANYONE can read your blog? Am I just over the top crazy that I feel mypictures of my kids and my thoughts should not be out there for anyone to do with what they want?! One friend started tracking how many people from other countries were reading her blog...and not commenting...just reading...and doing who knows what with the info...and was amazed at how many people were looking at her stuff.

So, please take a moment to give me your thoughts...I really would like to know what your think!
Private OR Not???

Plaid Nails for Mother's Day!!!

Chloe and I had a great time getting our toes painted today. She picked the color and design. I love Chloe's fashion sense. I never would have done blue...I would have choosen red, pink or french...BUT I love it. She amazes me at how stylish she is at such a young age! We had a great time sipping coffee/hot chocolate and talking together. I am so enjoying my Mother's Day weekend! I love you Chloe!