Friday, January 30, 2009

Target and the boys

I took the boys with me to Target last night. I had to take their picture. How cute are they?! They both wanted to sit in the cart and read! Tiger had brought his joke book from the library (one that is so overdue I am afraid to take it back today! I may end up buying it!) Little Guy crawled up on his lap and snuggled into him! Good thing I just needed a few post-it notes for school! There was no other room in our cart for anything! What a great trip though!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Guy's Chair!

Little Guy has been a little territorial when it comes to where he sits at dinner. Every night he wants to sit at the same spot...right by daddy! The kids usually rotate who gets to sit next to dad. Every other night they all get a turn! Anyway, I guess that wasn't enough for Little Guy.
I was setting the table for dinner, when I noticed Little Guy had written his name on the chair in Black SHARPIE! I have to admit that when I saw it, I smiled! Only because we have been working on his letters...and I was happy to see that he had done a better job forming each letter! He really tried to do his best printing!

Me: Little Guy, did you write your name on this chair?
Little Guy: YES! (smiling)
Me: Honey, did you realize that you used a sharpie? Mommy isn't going to be able to wipe it off!
Little Guy: I know! I don't want it to come off.

Me: Why not?
Little Guy: (sighing...and looking at me like DUH!) because now, it is MY chair. I get to sit by daddy EVERY day.
Me: Oh! You did this because you want to make sure that you get to sit by your dad every night at dinner?
Little Guy: Yes!

I honestly was speechless...part of me was irritated that he ruined the chair. The other part of me felt it wasn't ruined...every time I look at the chair, I will remember how much he loves his daddy. We talked it through with him. He understands why he shouldn't have done it. AND Tom was able to clean it off with Simple Green. I have to say though that I actually miss seeing his name written on the chair! Who knew!?

I am so glad Little Guy loves his dad so much!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy Stories

Here are some cute conversations we had with our boys today:
I am a believer in teaching your kids how to say words correctly. BUT, sometimes I just can't do it! I think it is so cute! I packed spaghetti in Tiger's lunch today. When I picked him up from school today he said, "Mom thanks for the pssgetee. It was so good!" I smiled and told him he was welcome. I know, I should have corrected him...maybe I just want to hang onto as much of the "young" Tiger as I can?!
Then this evening when we went to run an errand, the boys decided to take their arms out of their sleeves. I asked them why? They said they wanted to know what it was like to have no arms. They tucked their arms in the back of their pants and started walking around. While walking around the store, a little boy noticed my armless kids. He kept looking at them strangely. I said...
Me: I think that boy thinks you don't have any arms?
Tiger: I know! Isn't it so cool! We should do this all the time!
Later this evening, Hubby gave the boys some candy. I told them if they got all their chores done quickly, they could have more tomorrow after dinner. Levi then said, "Oh, mom...candy is so much better than dinner!"

Boys are so cute and fun!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw this on Jen's blog and loved the I thought I would do it too! I have been slacking at this whole blog thing thanks Jen for the motivation.

6 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Knowing that God loves me even though I do not deserve it. I am so happy to know His love and grace.
2. My husband's dedication to our family. I am so happy that I have a husband who puts the family's needs before his own. Did you know that he recently stopped working on Saturday mornings so he can spend more time with us?! He knows we only have a few more years with our children before they are grown and gone...and doesn't want to miss a minute!

3. My Saturday morning run with three of my amazing friends. We meet at 6:30 and run the beach trail. Afterwards we get on the beach for sit ups and push ups and lunges! Love it. Then we grab coffee and chat for a while. (We are also meeting for hard core work out on Wed that too)We are all home by 9...and I come home to a breakfast made by hubby and the kids. It is so nice to have time to myself and then come home to a loving hubby and children.

4. When the house is all clean and organized. Lately, this hasn't been happening as often as I would like...but I love the feeling of a clean house. It helps me to relax and enjoy whatever comes my way!

5. Reading with all my kids...but especially Cutie. Cutie and I like to curl up together on the couch and read. She reads her book and I read mine. We each sit on one side of the couch and stretch our legs out onto the other's lap! The best is when we read and eat chocolate together.

6. Eating dinner as a family. We have a tradition of sharing our high/low for the day during dinner time. It is a great way to keep conversation going with the kids and hear what is important to them. I love to listen to them talk and laugh with one another! Meal times are always a big priority for our family!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Growing up

Me with Tiger and Cutie...wonder what Cutie just saw?!
Tiger asleep after Trick or Treating

The boys trying to help dad fix my rocking chair...I gave that chair hard to part with.

Little Guy sneaking some Starbucks!
Little Guy playing with Cutie's hair

Little Guy...couldn't even sit up!

I guess I always knew they would grow up...but does it have to happen so fast?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another cute Little Guy talk...

When Little Guy woke up on Saturday he came to snuggle with daddy. After a few minutes he looked up at Hubby and said:
Little Guy: Daddy, do you have to go to work today?
Hubby: Nope...not today!
Little Guy: Are you still doing that?
Hubby: Yes Little Guy, it has just been a daddy took some time off.
Little Guy: Oh, okay.

I have really been enjoying all the cute things he has been saying lately!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Little Guy and Hubby's conversation

I am reading on the couch in front of the fire my hubby started for me. Hubby and Little Guy are on the other couch playing their DS game together, when I hear Little Guy say to Hubby.

Little Guy: Daddy, why does mommy read a lot?
Hubby: Oh mommy loves to read...and it is so good for you!
Little Guy: Mommy LOVES reading?!?
Hubby: Yes, mommy loves to read.
Little Guy: Oh. (Pauses) But she loves you more daddy!
Hubby: Yes, Little Guy, Mommy loves Daddy very much!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Levi tried to stay awake with all of us...but he was too tired from all the playing at the park earlier! We rang in the New Year with some friends and their family. It was a great time. We played the Wii and lots of card games. We are so thankful for our many friends and wish them all a wonderful New Year!