Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

I just recently decided to have the kids help in the kitchen. My hope was that they would want to eat more of what I was cooking. Guess what, it worked! What a blessing it was for me to have their help too! Thanks boys!


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Anonymous said...

The children seems to be enjoying themselves!! I feel like joining them too:)

jessica simpson said...

It's fun doing it with the whole family!

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Anonymous said...

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Jola said...

Did you clean up? :D It's so tidy!

Jola said...

That sounded strange. Sorry, what I wanted to say: kids in a kitchen always creat a mess and I wondered, if yours are just so talented not to do so or if you've already cleaned it up.
Hop you'll understand this. :D

Synthia Bryan-Isiramen said...

So lovely to see the kids so engrossed in what they're doing! U must have made their kitchen time very interesting cos they seem to love it there. lol

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Casei said...

Your blog is amazing! In today's world everything is more important than family, but you show true love, that's wonderful! Thank you! :)

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