Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daddy is faster!

We bought this bike last year for Little Guy. Hubby is always the one that rides with Little Guy.
Well, last night Little Guy didn't want to be in the jogger while hubby and I went for our run. So, we had this great idea! I would ride the bike while hubby ran...and then we would switch after 3 miles. So, I started with the bike. Here is my conversation while riding with Little Guy:
Me: How you doing back there Little Guy?
Little Guy: Good! Mom, why don't you go fast like daddy? Daddy goes fast!
Me: Dad is pretty cool huh! Mom isn't as comfortable with the bike yet...I am still getting use to riding it.
Little Guy: Oh, how come you didn't ride on that bump? Daddy rides on that bump and it is really fun!
Me: Well, Little Guy, mommy is still a little nervous...I will get it soon!
Little Guy: Mom. I like riding with you, but daddy is fast and not afraid!
Me: Yes, daddy is pretty fast and not afraid of anything! I am glad you don't mind riding with me though!
Little Guy: How much longer before daddy stops running?
Me: Soon baby!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Guy and Charlotte's Web

Little Guy and I have been reading a chapter or two in Charlotte's Web every night before bed. Tonight our conversation was so sweet:

Little Guy: Mama, Why is Charlotte going to help Wilbur?
Me: Why do you think?

Little Guy: umm...because they are friends?!

Me: Yes. How do you think Charlotte will help Wilbur?

Little Guy: I know! He could hide in a hole!

Me: Would the hole be in the barn or outside of the barn?

Little Guy: It would be outside the barn. Then when Mr. Zuckman (Zuckerman) is done looking for him, Wilbur could come out of the hole.

Me: Where would Wilbur go after he climbs out of the hole?

Little Guy: He would go back and wait with Charlotte.

Me: What would they be waiting for?

Little Guy: They would wait for Mrs. Zuckman (Zuckerman) to look for Wilbur...and then Wilbur would go back into his hole again.

Me: Wow! That is so creative...should we keep reading and see what happens?

Little Guy: YES!

I love reading together with the kids. They have the best imaginations!