Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Day of Home School

Here we are on our first day! The kids all did a wonderful job. We started our morning with hot chocolate and Bible time in the kitchen. I am amazed at how much the kids wanted to learn! I knew they were excited...but not that excited! We all can't wait to start again tomorrow!

Here is Little Guy working hard on some coloring. He finished his work early, but he didn't want to leave the school room!

Little Guy and Tiger had such determination today!
Tiger working hard on his work.

I still can't believe Cutie is in the fourth grade! She did a fabulous job today!
Everyone working hard to finish! We were done and noon! How nice to finish early and then go to the pool! What a great day!


Jen S said...

So glad that your day went so well! Everyone looks great! My kids start tomorrow and I have the night before school jitters. :)

Jo said...

Hey Jen's Friend, its me Jen's Friend. I'm just catching up on all your home school posts. Wow. What a big switch for your family. I know you are thrilled to see them excited. Do you think there is a bus route from Memphis out there. I love the idea that you're teaching your friend's kids. Hmmm. I may have to do some thinking on that one.
Have a great year.