Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starbucks + Math = Home School Fun

Since I made hot chocolate last Monday, the kids thought Mondays were going to be hot chocolate days! I had no idea how much they enjoyed drinking hot chocolate while studying the bible. So, today we packed up and went to Starbucks for the first hour of school! The kids memorized the next few catechisms and then studied their math facts! I am thinking Starbucks might get use to seeing us once a week!
Nothing like being silly after working hard!
Isn't Little Guy getting good with the camera!?

Tiger and Cutie did very well on their timed math test today!

The whole gang.

I knew that I would love home schooling. I just had no idea how rewarding it would be. I had taught in a private school the last four years and found it very rewarding. However, there is something more rewarding about home schooling. I love being with all my kids. It is so nice to have them all together. Watching the older ones teach the younger ones is truly amazing. I love how much more my children help one another...look out for another...encourage one another. Last night at the dinner table they couldn't say enough about our day. Hubby told me later in the evening how nice it is to hear their happiness! They were happy before, but there is a different feel in our home now. I am sure that I will have days when I want to pull out my hair (at least that is what I am told), but for now I am just so thankful to have this time with my kids. They are truly a blessing to me.


Xia Diaz said...

It looks like home schooling is working out for you! The kids look very happy!

Kristen said...

the advantages of homeschooling - you can take school with you wherever you go :o)

it looks like school is going really well for you. i am so glad. it is such an amazing experience.

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