Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving

The family had so much fun pumpkin carving last night. Cutie wanted to carve a pumpkin and the boys didn't! So, Jayka (friend from IL that is visiting) found these cute Mr. Potato Head pieces to use on their pumpkins! What a great idea!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Questioning About it! This IS Santa!

We took the kids to Golden Spoon last night. You will never guess who we saw! SANTA! Levi couldn't believe it! He spotted him first and came running over to me. I couldn't believe my eyes! This man really looks like Santa! Little Guy wanted to sit on his lap...and I wasn't sure if this complete stranger was up to the challenge! (I hadn't read his I wasn't sure if he would mind) As I was walking over to him, he knew what I was going to ask. So, he told Little Guy to come right over. Little Guy was so excited AND not the least bit shy! Santa told Little Guy that he was on vacation in CA! Levi wasn't sure what he wanted yet, but just enjoyed sitting there with googly eyes!

It turns out this man rents himself out for parties...if you ever need a Santa, this is your man!

OH! Remember the post about Santa? How Cutie wasn't sure if she believed anymore? Well, Tom had a wonderful way of breaking the truth to her.

Cutie: Dad, is Santa real?
Hubby: Yes, he is really real!
Cutie: Are you sure? We learned in history about St. Nick and I don't think he could still be living?
Hubby: Sweetheart...your mother and I AND now YOU are Santa.
Cutie: Huh? What do you mean?
Hubby: Well, your mom and I are Santa...and we have been waiting for you to realize that Santa couldn't be just one person. You see, now that you know the get to be Santa too! There is a lot of work to be done when you are Santa.......
He then told her about choosing gifts for everyone, wrapping presents, putting toys together, eating cookies when everyone is asleep, and putting all the gifts under the tree. She was thrilled that she now gets to help us. She is also going to keep it a big secret from her brothers.

I think she almost started to believe after last night...

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday Family Bike Ride

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sixth File, Sixth Picture

I copied this idea from Chrissie! You are suppose to look at the sixth picture in your sixth file. Oh my goodness! My two oldest kids look like they are the age of Little Guy in this picture! We took this picture at Legoland a few months after we moved here. This makes me a little sad to see how much my sweet babies have grown up! Life is short! Cherish every moment with your little ones!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Democrat, Republican OR David Cook?

Here's the conversation in the van this morning on our way to school:

Tiger: Obama is a demoCrap, right?
Me: (chuckling a little) You mean democrat honey.
Tiger: yeah a democrap.
Me: (laughing a little still) honey it is a T on the end, not a P. DemocraT
Tiger: oh! democrat
Me: right
Cutie: What are you guys talking about?
Tiger: Dah, Cutie the democraPs and know the people we have to vote for.
Cutie: Oh yeah.
Little Guy: I know who I am going to vote for...DAVID COOK.
Tiger: No Little Guy, David Cook is from American Idol. We are talking about the president and the judges.
Little Guy: Oh, okay. Then I vote for SIMON!
Tiger: Mom can you tell him we are not talking about American Idol AND you have to be 18 to vote!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What to do?

**Quick Update! Costco took the camera back! :) I am going to buy another one tomorrow! I am so happy!**

I was having problems with my Canon Powershot(back in September) so I took it to Costco to exchange it again. I really liked the software on this I wanted to get the same one. After waiting in the return line forever, I was informed that I had missed the return time by one month. They told me to call the 800 warranty number and they would tell me what to do. So I called and they tried to help me fix the camera over the phone...but couldn't. So, I was told to mail it in to Canon. Today I received my camera back in the mail NOT FIXED. They wrote that there was water found inside my they were unable to fix it. I am so upset! I called Canon again...they informed me that the water could have been from the humidity or if my hands were wet while handling the camera! I told them the whole story of having this problem before...but they wouldn't hear it! "Sorry, mam, but there is nothing we can do!"

What to do?

A. I could take it back to Costco and tell them the whole story AGAIN! This is the 4th camera I had received that had this lens issue. I do not believe that it had water in each time! I just am not sure that they will care...or take it back! (I would like to add here how stupid I feel for exchanging it each time...I should have just gotten use to new software...Oh, I didn't even have this camera a year!)


B. Suck it up, count it as a loss and buy another camera.

What would you do?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Santa and Christmas

So I have no time right now...because we are trying to get this house all packed up to move...but I just have to post and get some ideas from all of you!

We were driving home for school today and here is how the conversation went:
Tiger: Mom, is Christmas going to be here soon?
Me: In a few months.
Tiger: December, right?
Me: Right
Cutie: Mom, is Santa real?
Little Guy: YES! He is real!
Cutie: No, mom...seriously, is he real?
Me: He is as real as you think he is. (I know, so lame...but I didn't want to ruin it for Little Guy)
Cutie: Mom you aren't answering the question. (she is so smart)
Little Guy: Cutie! He is real. He lives right by Cheesecake Factory. (He is referring to the Santa at the mall)
Tiger: No, Little Guy, that is Santa's helper...the real Santa lives at the North Pole.
Cutie: MOM! Is he real? We learned about St. Nick in history...and it doesn't seem like he is real.
Me: Cutie, why don't we talk about Santa when dad is home!
Cutie: I knew he wasn't real.
Little Guy: YES HE IS...HE LIVES BY THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!(hard not to laugh each time he says that)
Cutie: Okay! Mom, when will dad be home?

My heart is a little sad that the fairy tale we have allowed her to believe in is over. However, I am just hoping that she isn't upset or disappointed in me for allowing her to believe. Although, I don't remember how old I was when I learned the wish me luck as I break the news every so gently to my eight year old! Any ideas?
(side note: my children do know the true meaning of Christmas)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We found our new home today!

So the stress of finding a new home is finally over! Here are some pics! We are moving on the 18th of this month!