Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sights and Smells of...

...running on the beach trail.

the ocean water
smoke from fire pits still being put out
beautiful flowers
garbage truck (that was the only gross thing..and it was towards the end of it)
ocean waves crashing on the shore
birds flying all around
flowers and plants
families holding hands
couples walking together
other joggers and walkers
people stretching on the beach

It was so amazing! I have never ran on the trail before. I couldn't take it all in. It was so peaceful and gorgeous. I was able to complete a little over 4 miles...and all the sights and sounds were such a great distraction...I didn't realize how far I had actually gone. I will definitely be doing this again. I am so thankful for friends that don't mind waking up early on a Saturday to run. How wonderful to have a few good friends to help encourage me to do it. Not to mention how nice it is to grab coffee afterwards and chat!

I can't wait until next Saturday morning. Feel free to join us...if you are in sunny CA!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A great day at the beach

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My New Jersey Trip

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiger said something so cute...

Last night we took the kids out for dinner since I am leaving today. (remember that flight I missed...I won't be missing it today!) After dinner we needed to go to Sports Chalet to get Cutie some ankle weights for her new gymnastic class. While we were there, the kids tried on these football helmets. I couldn't help but take a picture. They were having so much fun! Then Tiger found a skateboard that he wanted to spend his birthday money on. The only problem was he doesn't have enough money yet AND he needs to wait ten days to be sure it is what he wants. Here was the conversation in the van on the way home:

Tiger: Dad I really want that skateboard. I have $135 dollars...why can't I use it?

Hubby: Son, half your money needs to go into the bank. You really only have about $70 and you said you were going to give $10 of your birthday money to the church. So you have $60 and the board is $99. You will have to save a while longer to be able to afford the board.

Tiger: Dad, can't I just not give money to the bank? I really want to give my money to God and the sports store!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor Update

Today was a good day at the doctor for me. I found out that the only change I need to make to my diet is really easy! I can no longer take anti-inflammatory drugs! I know that sounds funny...but I love to take Aleve and Motrin to help with my attitude and back pain during that wonderful time of the month...and I can no longer do that! (Look out hubby...JK) I do remember my urologist telling me to limit it (after he removed my kidney), but this doc is saying NEVER use it...I can take Tylenol (so hubby, there me be hope every 28 days! :).

However, yesterday wasn't such a great day for hubby at the doc's office. He has been having some foot problem for the past two weeks. We actually thought maybe he broke his big toe. Now we wish that was all it was! The doc thinks he may have gout. Gout is a very bad form of arthritis...and the diet is so limited! Basically, protein in his system is turned into like glass at the every time he uses his foot he is in pain! Gout usually is found first in the joints in your foot and could move to his ankles and hands. Protein is what flares we have to limit his protein intake. I feel like everything I am use to doing...lean protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies is everything he needs to stay away from. I am so dreading this diet...but not as much as he is. Unfortunately, I haven't found many recipes on line. I am still trying to find anything interesting and tasty for him. We will find out for sure once the blood work comes back! I am praying that the doc is wrong...but he did x-rays too...and it isn't broke! I have been googling it all day. I was amazed when I read that he could not have WHOLE GRAINS and certain fruits (like apples) and veggies (like asparagus - his favorite) Seriously!? Pray I find fun and interesting things for him to eat. AND that he doesn't have Gout!

We will keep you posted!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pool and Bike Trails!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cutie's Floor Routine at the Show today.

Our Olympic Champ

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Check out this bike!

While I was at a teacher meeting the other day, hubby went and bought Little Guy a wheel for hubby's bike! We have been enjoying bike rides at the regional park this summer...but we can't do them as a family. We start out together and then one parent is off with the older kids...and the other parent stays behind and jogs with Little Guy while he rides his bike with training wheels. Now, we no longer have to be separated!

Little Guy loves it. He feels so big. We just have to teach him to pedal...for whatever reason he enjoys just sitting, smiling and being pulled!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where did the summer go?

I am so bummed...the summer is almost over. I am not ready for the routine and structure. I want to keep playing with my kids. We have had a wonderful summer...beach, pool, sleepovers, playdates, disney, hiking, friends visiting...and now it is about to be over. I know that the more I complain about it...the quicker it will be I am trying to enjoy the few weeks we have left to play. But, it is hard when...

now we are all getting ready to go to the mall and get uniforms, then off to get their school supplies, and I am planning out the first month of school for my fabulous second grade class...but I have to admit, there is a sadness in my heart. A sadness because...

the summer ending means my children are older. (and so am I) This precious time with them is fleeting...and they are going to be on their own soon...and I miss them already...the laughter, cuddling, teaching, singing, running around like a crazy woman trying to get them where they want to be...gymnastics, piano, friends play dates, beach, pool etc.

I love my children so much! I know that I am so blessed and shouldn't feel sad...but I do!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Taken from Cathi and Jen...

I am: blessed with a wonderful family
I think: I am a good wife and mother
I know: I try to give my best to my family every day
I want: to take a photography class
I have: the best friends ever
I wish: school wasn't starting in 3 weeks
I hate: when people chew with their mouth open
I miss: my sister
I fear: my children dying before me
I feel: so much love for my family
I hear: my daughter...she just got up to go the bathroom
I smell: nothing...the house is clean!
I crave: date nights with my hubby
I search: for pencils...always have plenty of pens
I wonder: what my kids will do with their lives
I regret: impulse buying
I love: buying gifts to give people when they don't expect it
I care: about my body...being in shape and healthy
I always: give my kids morning hugs
I am not: tired...or judgmental
I believe: in eternal life
I hope: my kids will always serve the Lord
I dance: when I am happy
I sing: to my children when they are tired or hurt
I don't always: finish daily to do list (I write one every pm for the next day)
I write: to release stress
I lose: when I try too hard
I win: when I am just myself
I never: lick my fingers
I listen: to hubby's advice
I can usually be found: in the kitchen
I am scared: of roller coasters
I need: to go to bed

This is what happens when you can'tafford surf lessons! Maybe next year kids!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bryce's 7th Birtday Party -biking, boating and football!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tiger is almost 7

My Tiger is turning 7 this coming Thursday. Where did the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was saying "hold you mama"? Now he is rarely asking me to hold him. He is wanting to go throw the football, ride his bike or boogie board at the beach.

I am so proud of Tiger. He is the most caring boy I know. He always puts others feelings before his own. I am always amazed and blessed by his unselfishness and love for others. I learn a lot from him every day! Happy Birthday Tiger!

Throwing a pass to dad

He loves hiking too

He is rarely seen without a football

Most of all, he loves his brother and sister so much

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have been tagged by Hollie...

So my cousin tagged me today. She is a wonderful friend...and feels like a sister to me! Check out her blog too! (Click on Hollie over on the right)
So here it goes!

10 years ago: In August of 1998...I had been married to hubby for a little over two years. He was coaching college football...and I had just become the general manager for Red Lobster. We lived in IL at the college...we were both resident directors at the school. That is a whole other story!

5 years ago: In August of 2003...Hubby and I had two babies and I was prego with Little Guy.(Cutie was 3, Tiger was 2). We owned our first home in IL. Hubby was working for Citibank...and I was working as a recruiter for Red Lobster (from home! that was a great job). I had been cancer free for 1 year!

5 months ago: We started thinking that we may need to sell our home in CA. Hubby's job changed...I was/am a part-time teacher at a wonderful private school...St. Augustine Classical Academy. I was counting down the days until summer. My favorite time of the year.

5 things on my to do list tomorrow:
1. Run in the morning
2. go to Starbucks
3. take kids to dollar theatre to see Kit - American Girl movie with friends. I am still trying to convince Tiger and Little Guy how much they will like it. I think I am going to to give into buying them candy!
4. light housework
5. go to beach night with friends.

5 things people don't know about me:
1. When I clean out my closets and cabinets I will throw anything that can't easily be reorganized into a big garbage bag and take it to Goodwill. I would rather give things away then try to find space for them. Needless to say, I am getting really good at not buying things I don't "need"...I think it helps that we are moving...I am trying to make it easier on myself when we move.

2. I like to play music really loud when I am by myself in my car/home...because if you can't feel the base in your chest...what's the point of having the music on?

3. I have broken my nail biting habit this summer! I know, that is so gross!

4. I repeated the second grade. We lived in AZ when I was in the second grade...and I struggled with our move a when we moved back to IL my parents had me repeat second grade. I never thought I would ever admit that. Funny how that was such a big deal to me when I was little...and now WHO CARES!?

5. In college, where I met hubby, I once told him I would never date him again...and didn't for a year...and then we started dating again and were engaged 6 months later.

5 bad habits:
1. I weigh myself everyday ( I tried to quit this summer...but can't!)

2. I go to Starbucks every day, sometimes twice...and tell myself it will be the last time. ( I am still trying to quit. Does today count? I didn't go, but I saw my friend at gymnastics and she brought me an iced latte? I love great friends!)

3. I am addicted to blogging! I spend way too much time doing it. I justify it by telling myself I am preserving family memories.

4. I organize the fridge every day. I don't complain to the family...but I can't stand to have things on the wrong shelves. For example, Tiger put the peanut butter away for me yesterday...and after he left the kitchen, I opened the fridge and moved it back to its proper shelf. (I couldn't do it in front of would have broke his heart!) I do the same thing in the food pantry.

5. I rarely put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder. It drives hubby crazy. I just unwrap it and put the new paper on the floor. I don't know why I do that! I am working on it.

5 places I have lived:
1. IL
2. AZ
3. NJ
4. CA
that's it folks!

Tag 5 people:
1. Chrissie
2. Jennifer
3. Shayla(Farmer's Wife)
4. Cathi
5. Holly

The Strength of a Mom

I had no idea how strong I am! If someone would have asked me yesterday, "Do you think you could walk your dogs with one hand, pull Little Guy's bike with the other hand AND carry Little Guy on your hip...for about 3 tenths of a mile? I think I would have laughed right in their face! Why would I ever do that?!

Yesterday we went to the beach at 10:30 and stayed until 4. We then went to TJ's and then Starbucks. We got home around 5...quickly brought in the beach stuff and groceries. Hubby was home at 6 and wanted to go bike riding again around the regional park. I thought the kids might be a little too tired to go for a bike ride.(which is why I am giving you a play by play of our day) When Hubby asked them though, they were thrilled to go for a ride. So we packed up all the bikes and dogs and headed out.

I really wanted to bring the dogs...they had been locked in their play pen all day...I thought a 4 mile walk would be good for them. So, I stayed with Little Guy and the pups. Tom and the older kids were off! We met up at the park and let the kids play! (did I mention yet that we had not had dinner?) Anyway, on our ride back to the car, Little Guy took a little fall off his bike. He had fallen a few times earlier and each time got up and kept going. But the sun was setting, he was tired and hungry...and this tiny fall felt like the end of the world to him. He couldn't get back on his bike! I stood there...trying to think of what to do...I had given my cell phone to Hubby when we were at the I told Little Guy he could walk and I would pull his bike. He just kept crying...and I watched the tears roll down his dirty little face...I just couldn't take it any more...I picked him up and began carrying him with the same arm that was walking the dogs.

The whole time I am carrying him I am asking the Lord for more strength. I knew that we had close to half a mile left. I wasn't sure if I could make it. I also tried to stay positive...this was a great bicep workout (did I mention I had lifted that am...and my biceps were already sore?) I am walking and he is crying in my ear...and I am starting to question why I ever said yes to this bike ride...I knew he would be tired! Then around the corner I see my husband.

I didn't see him riding up to me on his nice red bike, NO! I saw my knight in shinning armour coming to rescue me! He smiled at me and shook his head! Oh, he was proud of me! He took Little Guy from me with one swoop! I couldn't believe my eyes! Hubby rode his bike and held Little Guy in his arms! What a MAN! He took him all the way to the car...and once he reached the car I saw Tiger jump out. He ran to me and said, "Mom can I take Little Guy's bike for you?" I was in heaven. My boys are amazing! At that moment I was so happy we decided to go for a bike ride. It was my idea! Ha!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finger Sucking Accountability

We are still trying to help our little ones overcome their habit of finger sucking. My hubby and I have not been on the same page when it comes to finger after a little discussion the night before last...I am on board with hubby. NO MORE THUMB SUCKING. (I think I am not bothered by the thumb sucking because it means my little one is still little...sigh) Hubby really wants Little Guy to I am enforcing it now. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I politely asked him to take his finger out about 352 times yesterday! He would smile at me each time and then take it out...he knew better. Little Guy, I am happy to say, did a fine job yesterday.

So all day I was wondering what to do at night. I figured hubby and I were going to have to decide if it was okay for Little Guy to suck his fingers at night. You see, Cutie is 8 now and still sucks the two middle fingers at night. I really don't have a problem with it. So I was a little surprised yesterday when she came to me with an idea.

Cutie: Mom, can Little Guy sleep in my room tonight? I could help him not suck his thumb.
Me: I don't know if I want you telling Little Guy to take his thumb aren't the mommy honey. It is nice of you to want to help him though.
Chloe: No mom, I thought we could help each other.
Me: How are you going to do that?
Chloe: Well, I was thinking we could sleep holding hands. He can hold my fingers and I could hold his hand.
Me: (beaming) I think that sounds fantastic. Great idea to help hold one another accountable.

This is where I wish I could write that it worked! However, they had such a hard time falling asleep...I was so tired and couldn't take all the giggling last night. I usually can do it...but we had friends over yesterday...and then went bike riding when hubby got by the time they were in bed it was almost 10. I was done...I just wanted the house quiet...I wanted to take off the mommy hat. So, I separated them at 10:20...but promised they could try again tomorrow night (today). Oh, they both were sucking when I went to bed last night. Some battles I just am too tired to deal with! I am glad we are kicking the day time habit...we will get there! Oh, and they posed for these pictures...they weren't really asleep yet!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun in the Water!

We took the family to the spectrum the night before I was suppose to leave for NJ. Cutie and I did a little shopping and the boys hung out at one of the fountains with hubby. I loved watching how hard they were laughing. I just happened to have Tiger's sweatshirt...and Little Guy was wearing two thankfully we were able to put some dry clothes on them before we headed to Golden Spoon.

Note to self: Always bring extra never know when the boys will need them!

They were soaked to the bone!

Levi is waiting for the water to come up and smack him in the face

Trying to dodge some water...lots of laughter.

Love these boys!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kidney Update

I have been cancer free for almost 6 years now! (It will be six years on Tiger's Birthday that I had my kidney removed) Most of you know that I go in for yearly tests to be sure that the cancer has not begun to grow in my other kidney...or is anywhere in my blood stream. Every year I am pleased to say that all is well.

I am still pleased to say that all is well. However, this year my urologist did notice that my kidney has lost some of its function. A normal person kidney function should range between 85 - 125. Mine is functioning at 74. We are not terribly worried about it. My doctor has recommended that I go see another urologist that specializes in kidney function management. (My current doctor deals with the surgical part of the kidney.) So, I will be making an appointment with this new doctor this week. The goal of this appointment will be to help me keep my kidney from losing anymore of its function! There are certain foods that I should stay away from or limit myself...pray I am not told to no longer eat chocolate! Ha! JK.

I actually think I have lowered the ability of my kidney to function all on my own! You see, I use to South Beach Diet a lot...and I am finding out now that too much protein is really hard on your kidneys! Thank goodness I quit doing SB and started just running/weight training and eating healthy this summer! Who knows how low my kidney function would be if I did my normal summer routine!(Phase 1, and lots of exercise).

Thank you for those of you who were praying for me during all the tests I have gone through this summer. It is so nice to know that I have such wonderful friends praying for me!

Oh, and the really good news! My doctor told me that I only have to come back annually for the next 4 years...and then he thinks I will be okay coming in every 2 years for all the wonderful tests! Praise God for that!